Community Core to our Design Process

Fit Redefined for Bigger Men

Our 4 Step Approach to Fit & Design

1)    Listen to challenges that men face to build a pattern that addresses those problem areas. We want our clothing to be native to bigger bodies and not feel like another brand offering just extended sizes of a pattern built for size large.

2)    Confirm fit sizing with real men using Real Measurements. Our sizing is multi-dimensional based on your height, shape, sleeve length, and fit preferences.

3)    Micrograde* clothing to make adjustments to every size to ensure fit stays proportional as mens’ bodies change.

4)    Engage our Insider Community of Real Men to try on products, wear them in real life settings and provide honest feedback around fit. Make any adjustments before producing and launching Holten at scale.



We asked bigger men what it was like to buy clothes..... Here are some of the early stories we heard.