Holten's New Fit & Size Options


We started this company with the fundamental belief that men deserved clothes that fit their unique body shapes. The current clothes on the market for bigger men do not really address their needs. So we’ve set out to make clothing that is redesigned based on unique body shapes, how men’s body scale at different sizes, and differing proportions.

What does that look like for you?

We’ve created Holten patterns & construction standards that create a variety of options that will work better with your body.

First, we’ve developed 2 new patterns for shirts. We’ve called them Refined Classic and Side Panel to distinguish between the different pattern cuts.  By offering these 2 patterns, we can provide a better fit for the different body shapes & the unique challenges they face with clothing.

Secondly, we’ve adjusted both of these patterns so that our shirts look native to bigger men’s bodies as they scale. So instead of taking a linear grading approach and purely extending sizes, we’ve used real men’s bodies as they scale and made adjustments to our clothing at each size.

Lastly, we will offer our shirts in Short, Regular and Tall to decouple length and width. Men no longer have to have a extra long shirt in order to get the width they need to cover their stomach.

This results in 36 different size shirt options to deliver you increased comfort and confidence in how your shirts fits.

We did this for our first T-Shirt and you will have the same consistent approach to Size & Fit for all our items.

This is our approach to a Redesigned Fit inspired by real men.