We believe clothes should be made for you: your shape, your height, your weight, your style.
No tradeoffs. No limitations.

Holten started with a conversation with my good friend Dan. Dan is an incredible developer who worked with me at my last company and has always been a great sounding board for ideas. I had been looking at the limited clothing options for bigger men and Dan, who wears a 5X, spent an hour with me talking about the challenges of finding clothes that fit and the impact that it has on his life.

I was inspired. And having been in the apparel industry for over twenty years I was certain I could be the one to solve his challenges. I mean how hard could it be to make clothes that fit, right? As it turns out it’s really hard. Most brands phone it in, by simply making smaller sizes bigger, but we committed at the very beginning to do this the right way.

What has followed is over a year of really hard work, painful set-backs, glimmers of hope, but an unwavering commitment to make clothes that acknowledge the unique needs of bigger men. During that time we’ve talked with thousands of men across the country to understand their challenges and address them.

A few weeks ago we had Dan stop by the office to try on yet another sample. He’s never been shy about giving his feedback on what he likes and more important what he doesn’t like. This time, after trying on the shirt, he just turned to me and gave me a hug. “You got it”, he said with a smile. We hope you’ll think so too.

What I will tell you is that this is just the beginning of Holten. We have big plans. Our commitment to you is to continue to listen, ask questions and use your feedback to continuously improve our products. Thanks for taking this journey with us.